Snow Removal and Salting / De-icing Programs

We provide the snow removing and plowing services throughout Greater Toronto Area. 

Let us take some of your worry away. So you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your driveway or parking lot is taken care of. Even in the most extreme conditions. 

Seasonal flat rate programs are available including driveway and walkway shoveling. 

We monitor the weather 24/7 and act promptly as soon as we see snow in the forecast

Servicing all residential and commercial properties. We serve all type of properties like condominiums, multi residential , industrial, commercial, retail plazas and gas stations.

Removing  all the snow from a property, not just pushing the snow from roads and driveways into piles.

Snow removal relies on heavy machinery such as front end loaders and dump trucks to clear sidewalks, curbs or areas.

KRG Lawn Care will clear building entrances. 

We monitor weather 24/7. So, we do salting before snow.

We do remove frost from surface.

We move snow to other place.

KRG Lawn care always monitors weather 24/7.

Unlimited Plowing + Regular Site Visits

Instant Deicing
Highly Equipped Fleet